Reflection on Last One Standing:
Johannesburg 2008

The Official Snowball Fight Association (OSFA) staged the two editions of Last One Standing in the towns of Fully and Grimentz in Switzerland during the winters of 2006 and 2007. Over 800 local people participated in the tournament, including professional athletes, business people from various professions, students, educators, comedians, politicians, social workers, artists, cooks, winemakers and construction workers...

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Last One Standing in Africa

The African premiere of Last One Standing will be held at the Drill Hall on the 16th of August 2008, from 5pm. This landmark event will bring together the citizenry of the inner city of Johannesburg in the staging of a spectacular international sporting event.  The event will deploy snowballs as a medium through which a variety of people who have different stakes in the space of the inner city can engage in managed combat with one another. The winning team will be declared ‘the last one standing’.

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An exceptional symposium for the leap year
February 29, 2008

By invitation of the Snowball Association, speakers from Africa, Europe and Asia will shed light on “Schnee bis zur Neige” from extremely varied scientific angles. Social sciences, theology and ethnology are represented, as are medicine, physics, ethics and art. A musician and two performers will present their latest works, exclusively devoted to the Snowball.

The one night event will be organized in the beautiful setting of Château Mercier in Sierre, Valais. Admission will be free of charge.

The symposium is honoured to announce Jean-Daniel Mudry, Director of Swiss-Ski up to 2005, as its patron.

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Artistic direction: Daniel Rausis, Georges Pfruender
Administrative direction: Delphine Tini, Francesco Walther
Co produced by the Snowball Association and Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais

Supported by: Canton du Valais, Château Mercier,
Loterie Romande, Valmedia SA – Viège / Sion, Ville de Sierre

Last One Standing
Since the winter of 2005, the art action Last One Standing (LOS) has presented a game situation anchored in the theme of the alpine winter.
LOS is an art action that confronts the nostalgic ideal, escaping the deadly “Heidi effect” by introducing artifice in an overt way. LOS plays with these two elements: nostalgia and artifice.
Our image of Swiss culture and winter sports is inextricably linked to a vision of a superabundance of snow. But this image is already a nostalgic one: winters are no longer what they used to be.... more>

Fully 2006: Trial Tournament Summary
Twelve nightly tournaments, with four teams per evening, six players per team, playing three games each took place on a brightly illuminated field of combat. In all, about 840 people, ages ranging from 16 to 65, agreed to participate in our first-ever trial tournament this February. We’re happy to report -- no injuries, except for a few bruised egos... more>

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